Tips for Managing Your Anger

Everybody gets angry at some point or another, but sometimes anger can become a problem. If you find yourself constantly being angry or lashing out at others, or yourself, you might benefit from these tips from the top behavioral health center houston residents can rely on.

Get Familiar with Warning Signs

If you feel yourself getting angry, you can work to control some of your reactions and avoid making the situation worse. Take note of whether or not you experience any of the following signs when you start getting worked up. By recognizing the signs of your anger, you can cope more effectively and avoid triggers whenever possible.

·    Tensing or grinding teeth

·    Tightening in the chest

·    Shaking

·    A rise in your voice

·    Sweating

·    Loss of sense of humor

·    Getting irritable or defensive

·    Being highly critical of others

·    Pacing back and forth

·    A racing heart

When you feel any of the above signs of your anger rising, you can try some of these coping methods to release your anger in a constructive way and avoid negative outcomes.

Work Out

Working out your excess energy can be one way to avoid succumbing to your anger. Go for a run, punch a punching bag, lift weights, do yoga, or any other exercise you find enjoyable.


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Writing things out can be a lot of help when you feel angry and would like to calm down. It could also help you put the situation into perspective.


While this tip may seem obvious, it works. Try counting to 100, which will take your mind off of the present situation and possibly keep you from exploding on others.

When you’re dealing with anger, things can get difficult. However, by recognizing warning signs and practicing coping mechanisms you can see improvement in your anger management.